Welcome to Adaptacar!


About Adaptacar

 Adaptacar is a Bathurst based business that provides mobility solutions for you and your vehicle. Adaptacar uses innovative products and devices to tailor a vehicle to your needs. 

Our range of products will ensure that regardless of your ability and strength, we can get you driving and enjoying the independence you deserve. The products we use  are designed to empower and inspire you and make your life more enjoyable. 

We offer sales, service, and installation of world class products from Autoadapt, Bruno, Tripod Kivi and more. We are a Dealer in the Mobility Engineering Partner Network and can draw on their experience to supply a tailored solution for your vehicle. We can also arrange Engineering inspections to certify any modifications comply with appropriate regulations.


About Me

 Hi, my name is Aaron and I own and run Adaptacar. I have been inspired to help those who need specialised transport solutions and improved travel safety. 

My mission is to restore transport mobility to all who need them, adapting their car to make them as comfortable, happy and independent as possible. 

I have 15 years of experience as a diesel fitter and vehicle accessories installer, and has worked across a diverse range of industry including The Australian Antarctic Division.


My Goal

To work with clients and occupational therapists, to develop and perform custom installations that can transform a motor vehicle into a freedom machine. 

Our Partner


Give Aaron a call on 0414736854